Old Sayings From the Past

The Old Sayings from the past are just as relevant today as they used to be.

As long as I can remember these old wise sayings have been a part of my daily life. As an author they also play a huge part of my work.

I think my first and most used is, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". With my curiosity peaking and growing even more when repeating it to others, I decided to learn the meanings of old sayings and why they are so broadly accepted around the world. I found out I was right when I thought there was more to this than just being old fashioned sayings.

That exact point is the reason for this site. If nothing else, I suppose I will learn a great deal about myself while you go on this journey with me. Yes, I will be talking past, present and future, and on topics that might make you laugh, cry, cringe, or just get as down-right angry as I have on occasion.

If I have learned anything from my past 50+ years, it is-If I don't just say it, get it out, write it down, send a letter to someone, it will soon begin to "work its way out" and sometimes not in the best fashion-if you get my drift.

So now, I just send that letter, the dreaded email, or better yet a card in the snail mail, that will make them "think" of the event, or be just be a little happier that day. Sometimes it closes a dreaded issue for both people; many times it brings more business to my company or me personally, and most times it opens new friendships. Regardless, I send it right there and then, while I am sitting here thinking about it.

I'll show you how I keep everything organized so never to forget any special date or reason to send some type of correspondence where needed. I’ll also show you how too - and why you should. It’s a very healthy and cathartic way to live life…and anything that makes you healthier in this unhealthy world can’t hurt right?

So follow along with us, and see how many wise old sayings you can think of today…maybe even send us a few of your own. Tell us your special old saying, how it plays a part in your life now, and how to say it so it gets your true feelings across. Or tell us when you sent a card in the mail that truly changed someone’s day…or life.

I hope you will enjoy our many articles below, which will continue to grow daily. Submit your own story with a link to us, and we will add you to our pages too. You can also sign up for our free newsletter and catch the latest sent to you in a digest email. These will be old time’s sayings and how they are relevant today.

Thank you again for visiting today, and happy reading.

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